Welcome Aboard Class of 2022!

Welcome to the homepage for the Residence Hall Association at ECU! This page is where you can find everything you need in order to be active on campus with RHA and find all information about our programs coming up for the year. If you are interested in participating with RHA, check out our events page.

About RHA:

RHA is a student-run organization, which consists of: A six position Executive Board and 14 Hall Governments, which have at least six positions. The organization represents 5,900 students that live on our wonderful campus. Throughout the year we organize and sponsor multiple events for the students and welcome any ideas for future programming.

As an RHA in good-standing we also attend five conferences during the school year. The NCC and a representative from the National Residence Hall Honorary, our sister organization, represents the university at all five conferences which are: Fall Summit – October, SAACURH – November, NCARH – February, No Frills – March, and NACURH – May.

The NCC forms a Delegation, for SAACURH, NCARH, and NACURH out of students interested in traveling to have fun and represent the university. The delegation is formed from the students in the General Assembly and the Hall Governments. Students that are interested in joining RHA at NCURH must be signed up to live on campus during the following school year.

RHA meets once a week for General Assembly Meetings in Gateway Sounds on Tuesdays at 5pm. All are welcome to our General Assembly Meetings.

Mission Statement:

The Residence Hall Association of East Carolina University is a recognized student organization that develops leadership skills, promotes service, fosters a sense of community, and represents the interests of the residence hall students.


Our Constitution: Click here to download a copy of our constitution Download


Executive Board:

Haleigh Crouson

President: Haleigh M. Crouson

My name is Haleigh Crouson and my major is Rehabilitation Services with a minor in Psychology. This is my final year at ECU and I am so blessed to have met the amazing people in RHA that have made my time here unforgettable. ECU is my home.

Favorite snack: Cupcakes & dark chocolate
Major: Rehabilitation Services

Dakota Hall

Vice President: Dakota L. Hall

My name is Dakota Hall and my major is Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I am super involved on campus and love to make friends. RHA is a great organization!!

Major: Psychology

Sunny Collins

Parliamentarian: Sunny N. Collins

My name is Sunny Collins. I’m a Communications major with a double focus in Public Relations and Media Studies. I love being a part of RHA because it allows me to get more involved on campus. I look forward to working with you this year!

Favorite snack: Cheese Doodles
Major: Communications


Summer Webb
RHA NCC: Summer Webb

My name is Summer Webb. I’m a sophomore, and my intended major is Public Health Studies with a concentration in Community Health. I love RHA because it gives me the opportunity to help students make ECU their home, and it has given me amazing opportunities to develop my leadership skills.

Favorite snack: Skittles & Pretzels
Major: Public Health Studies

Elijah Richardson
RHA Business Manager: Elijah D. Richardson

My name is Elijah Richardson and I am a Senior (last year as a pirate). My Major is Sport Studies. Being involved with RHA has opened many doors for me both professionally, and personally, and I would not be the person I am today without the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve had from RHA.

Favorite snack: Sour Patch Kids
Major: Sports Studies

Logan Cuilla
RHA Marketing Manager: Logan A.Cuilla

My name is Logan Cuilla, I am a double major in Economics and Political Science. I am passionate about RHA to help ECU students feel truly at home in the halls.

Favorite snack: Sour Patch Kids
Major: Economics and Political Science